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"If You Want Good People, You Have To Pay The 'Going Rate'"

Deborah Meaden

I value what I do and what I have experience in, through many years of providing my voiceovers to my clients in a fresh and current way. Many of them come back again and again, because they get what they think is right for their business, product or sound creation. My voice sounds as natural... or as extreme... as they imagine it should. I was lucky to be tutored by some of the best voice coaches in the business whilst at RADA. Prof. Paul Meier gave supreme accent and dialect coaching there, which always stands me in good stead. I was later thrilled to kick that skill into action with a commercial where I voiced all seven voices on it. You won’t see many photos of me on this site. Why? Because this site is for my voice, which is for your mind, not your eyes. With a voice, your mind is your eyes! I can be, hopefully, whatever you engage me to be, but I may in person, not look like it.... That doesn’t matter.
When I worked one to one with George Lucas, he gave me two directions: “OK I’ll go with that” or “Run that past me one more time”. He knew to let me do my job. That’s why you have come to me now for your product or sound image. If you ask me a question, I’ll give you a straight answer as to whether I think I can do what you require, or not. That’s what you are paying me for and that’s why I charge my “going rate” for my voiceovers. My fee reflects my value, and I value what you have asked me to do too. So, as “you are not”... in the words of a well known lawyer... “paying me to open a book, you are paying me to know which book to open”, book me, and let’s have some

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